Now that the first impressive Corona months are over and airs in certain parts of active and working life, you as a coach may need Corona guidelines for our beautiful coaching profession.

But what are these? Keeping a distance of 1,5 meter, washing your hands regularly, no shaking hands, no more than 3 people together at the same time are general principles that we as coaches should keep in mind these days.

What value can I provide as a coach during the lockdown?

As a coach or as a confidant? As goto-person For people who want to take steps towards the future and are looking for a partner who thinks along, challenges, reflects, feels along and walks with them?

Here's what you can look for when coaching your client during this special time:

  • Is your client feeling down or afraid of what the future will bring? What can you discuss first before starting the regular coaching and objectives again? A check-in to see how your coachee is doing at the moment can be useful to become aware of what is going on, paying attention to ratio, body and mind.

- Be attentive to the specific situation your client has been in recently.

  • What does life look like? Is your client alone and lonely and yearning for connection and meaning? Or is your client a father driven to madness with 4 children at home? Be curious about what's going on for your client, maybe she/he is blossoming in this period but he/she feels that this is not appropriate. Ask without judgment and normalize what your client is experiencing.

- Don't forget to ask if your client is looking for support in moving into the future or if they want to reflect on the past period first. What has come up for him during the lockdown?

  • What do you observe in the body language? What else does your client express non-verbally? Is the non-verbal expression congruent with what the client says?

- Be mindful of physical expression; for example, drooping shoulders, a hand supporting a head, or a large swinging motion in subjects that are sensitive.    

5x coaching during the pandemic
  1. Make the past Corona period discussible
  2. Ask about the challenges your customer is facing
  3. Be alert to things that still need to be processed before anything else can be done
  4. Stay the coach who partners with your client
    Take care of yourself first so that you are truly available to your client.
  5. Be aware of your own Corona time and process in it

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