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Our passion for coaching means striving for the highest standard.

About ICF

As a relatively new field experiencing rapid growth, coaching presents unique challenges.

The ICF is the world's largest and most recognized nonprofit organization of professionally trained coaches with more than 41,000 members in 145 territories. Representing executive coaches, life coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches and more, ICF's mission is to promote coaching so that it becomes an integral part of a thriving society.

ICF stands for the standard in coaching

Today, ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession. We do this by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of certified This is what we do by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of certified.

ICF is the only globally recognized, independent certification body for coaches. Certification is awarded to professionally trained coaches who meet the requirements for training, experience, a thorough understanding of ICF's core competencies and ethical guidelines. Achieving certification within ICF signifies that the coach has demonstrated commitment, integrity, understanding, coaching skills and dedication to their clients.

ICF accredits also training programs that provide coach-specific training. Accredited training programs must undergo a rigorous review process and demonstrate that the curriculum is consistent with ICF's core competencies and ethical guidelines.

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Today, ICF is specifically recognized by professional coaches around the world for its work in:


ICF is a leader in the development and definition and philosophy of coaching and has established ethical guidelines for all members. Through the ethical guidelines, an audit process for ethical conduct, an established program grievance process, and an Independent Review Board (ICB), ICF sets high standards for professional coaching standards. At the same time, clients/clients have a place to file ethical complaints about ICF members, ICF certificate holders, or ICF-accredited training programs.

Our trademark

As the world's largest trade association for professionally trained coaches, the ICF brand creates immediate credibility.

ICF ensures that member coaches meet requirements and established standards, follow guidelines and continue to develop their coaching skills.

ICF stands for the fact that as a client/client, you expect professional, quality-assured coaching that follows clear ethical guidelines.

ICF has clear guidelines for the use of the brand for members, training programs, certifications and accredited educational companies.

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Brief history of ICF

When ICF was founded in 1995, the goal was to give credibility to an emerging profession and to give coaches a place to connect with each other. In the 25 years since, ICF has grown to become the world's largest organization of professionally trained coaches and the leading voice for the global coaching community.

In 2020, the International Coach Federation became the International Coaching Federation. This was not just a new name; it was a new way to serve coaches, clientele, our communities and the world as we pursue our vision of coaching as an integral part of a thriving society.

ICF Chapters are local communities of ICF members. The ICF Netherlands Chapter brings our global organization to life at the national and local level. We build, support and maintain the integrity and standards of the coaching profession in the Netherlands.

All members of ICF Netherlands have completed coaching training accredited by ICF, are continually developing their skills, follow our ethical guidelines, and most members choose to safeguard their coaching through the certification system. ICF certifies professional coaches who have met training and experience requirements and demonstrate a thorough understanding of coaching skills and ethical guidelines.

About ICF Netherlands

We, ICF Netherlands, are the official Dutch Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. We offer our members a community that is supportive, opportunities for professional development, networking, and an enjoyable way to connect with coaches of all backgrounds and specialties.

We strive to be the best resource in the Netherlands for clients to find (internationally) certified coaches that match their expectations and needs.

Our members

Our members are professional coaches with their own coaching practices or active as in-house coaches, as well as business professionals who use coaching as a development and performance tool in their work.

Are you building with us?
Join us, learn from and with each other, and be part of the continued development of a wonderful profession.

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For the past 30 years I have been working with mid-career professionals on their personal development during their post-graduate education. In higher education, accreditations, determined by peer reviews, are of great importance to regulate the quality of education offered. It therefore made sense to obtain the highest standard of coach education, certification and the ICF seal of approval as I pursued my own development as a Professional Certified Coach. The rigorous standards required by ICF are testament to the high quality they stand for and it is my privilege to represent and embody those standards, and to work with ICF Netherlands to enable others to achieve their own highest level of professionalism in coaching.