Government support for self-employed coaches

Information on government support during times of the Corona Crisis for self-employed coaches

If you are an independent entrepreneur and experience damage to your business because of the Corona virus, you may be eligible for temporary income support measures. The three measures will be implemented at the municipal level and will take effect as soon as possible. Several municipalities have already opened their counters to process the applications.

Some conditions

The following conditions apply:

You experience income loss as a result of the Corona crisis

  • You are Dutch or equivalent
  • You live and work in the Netherlands
  • You were already working in your own business before January 1, 2020
  • You meet the legal requirements for running your own business (for example, you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce)
  • You work a minimum of 1225 hours or more per year in your business

Does all this apply to you? If so, you can submit a support application to the municipality where you live.

Three schemes

These are the three schemes for loss of income: 

  1. The Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Getroffen Sectoren COVID 19 (TOGS), aimed at entrepreneurs who suffer direct damage from government measures
  2. The Temporary Bridging Scheme for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (TORZO), focusing on living expenses
  3. A loan for working capital, aimed at preventing liquidity problems

The scheme TOGS (Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Get affected Sectoren COVID 19) was created to support entrepreneurs during the corona crisis. The TOGS is for entrepreneurs who are directly affected by the various government measures. If you want to use this, you need to enter the SBI code of your business. For many coaches this will be code 70221 for Business Services / Organizational Consulting. This code is not yet included in the list of the RVO. The board of ICF Netherlands as a professional association has provided the missing codes through the form of the RVO. Click here to do this yourself as a coach - the more it is reported, the more impact it will have. 

The TORZO runs retroactively from March 1 to (for now) June 1.  

The amount of income support is up to € 1,503.31 per month (net), depending on income and household situation. This accelerated procedure also applies to applications for a loan for working capital up to a maximum of €10,157. The income support for maintenance is provided 'free of charge'; the entrepreneur can therefore be certain that it will not need to be repaid at a later date. There is no assets or partner test in this temporary scheme. Because of this last provision, a moral appeal is made to entrepreneurs not to abuse this scheme.  

This is how you stay informed

The situation surrounding the Coronavirus is developing rapidly.

  • Check the website of the national government for more and current information
  • Visit the site or inquire at your Chamber of Commerce
  • Visit the site or inquire at your local municipality
  • For any business loans other than government loans see:

ICF Netherlands does its utmost to inform its members as well as possible but we cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the information provided here.  

The ICF wishes you strength during this time.

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