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Ethical Coaching and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): Balancing Societal Responsibility and Client Impact (EN)

oktober 1 | 15:00 16:15


Join us for a new workshop exploring the intricate connection between ethics, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the context of coaching. Our focus will center on Section IV— “Responsibility to Society” of the coaching code of ethics, particularly Point 28: “I am aware of my and my clients’ impact on society. I adhere to the philosophy of ‘doing good,’ versus ‘avoiding bad.’”

Through insightful panel discussions and interactive breakout sessions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how ethical practices intersect with DEIB principles in coaching. Together, we will explore strategies for effectively navigating responsibilities to society and our clients.

Join us for a conversation and learning opportunity that promises to inspire meaningful reflection and actionable insights needed to foster positive societal change while nurturing impactful client relationships.


    CC : 1
    RD : 0.25

    Language: English.


    Camilla Degerth

    ICF Credential: PCC

    Professional Coach (PCC with ICF) offering group, team, and individual coaching, with extensive experience from working and living across three continents supporting professionals, emerging leaders, and executives through times of change.

    Fabrizio Micciche

    ICF Credential: ACC

    As an ICF-ACC and NBC-HWC credentialed Executive Health and Leadership Coach, a seasoned Nutrition Specialist, and a certified Personal Trainer, I stand at the forefront of transformative coaching. My academic journey culminated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry, enriched by over 15 years of experience as a corporate scientist. This unique blend of expertise propels me beyond the realms of traditional coaching.

    Johan van Bavel

    ICF Credential: MCC

    I coach individuals, teams, and organizations. My style is goal- and action-oriented. I facilitate your coaching process, ensuring that you own and remain in control of both the process and your goals. My approach can be provocative, but also loving, and always with a touch of humor. When we meet, we invest in a professional relationship, and I will probably get you into action right away. Are you ready to explore with me and see what we can achieve together? Let’s play the game!

    Marjolijn Vlug

    ICF Credential: PCC

    There is nothing I love more than uncovering my clients’ natural talents and abilities, seeing that sparkle in their eye when they talk about the kind of work they really care about.

    I believe everyone deserves that YOU-shaped space where they can truly be themselves, feel valued and welcome. I believe in the importance of leveraging your talents and abilities to create more inclusive spaces for others through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Jen Harris (facilitator)

    Operating from a place of compassion and optimism, I offer an space for exploration that translates into new thought and action. Working as a coach and DEIB Program Manager, I am an enthusiast for people and what they can achieve with a focused and balanced mindset. Being rich for me is being exposed to different experiences, thoughts, approaches, and people.

    The DEIB special interest group is a group of volunteers with a passion for the DEIB topic. We aim to support with awareness on how DEIB-topics show up for us as individuals and coaches, and what we can do to ensure it is not a hurdle for a successful coaching relationship.


    DEIB Special Interest Group

    Online Event

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